It’s become like a norm now in Ghana–Get some fame, and the men will notice your existence and then BOOM, you start raking in the money and this actress is not shy to admit that, she also f***ks rich old men to make a living.

Yes, we are not gossiping, she said so herself when she disclosed in an interview with Joy News at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards that, she Moesha is cheap and that she should be demanding more from the ‘married’ man  she’s sleeping with.

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The lady who is said to be an actress known as Rosemond Brown publicly revealed that she’s taking properties from the rich old men who want to have their way with her and that although Moesha spoke the truth, she’s cheap because getting the man to rent an apartment for you is not enough and that as for her, she makes them buy her properties.

Well, these girls have become confident and have made known their stance, perhaps to get more customers as there are more men who have made enough money than they can spend and need a small girl like her to call him ‘baby, honey, my sugar’ and things.

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So, is Rosemond Brown that hot? We share with you 10 photos of the actress, so you decide for yourself.

We don’t even know which one to start with—Ok her butt not soo small or?

She can look innocent but she agrees she’s not

Okay, we know she doesn’t like to put on bra

And that was her look to the VGMAs, yes, blonde her, and still without the bra—Well, bras are expensive these days perhaps.

So basically, she’s telling us to watch that cute little bu** our old men are paying to see it butt-nak-ed

What’s soo special about her butts that she keeps robbing them in our face—Jeeezz!

Okay, she’s somewhat pretty, slim, and easy to carry—Men love slim girls with flat tummies huh!


Yes. She’s giving us a view of all of her assets.

She doesn’t care what you think about her, read what’s in her shirt–WHATEVER!


Care to join her in the pool?


Okay, let’s admit it, Rosemond Brown is not that bad-

Thanks for going through all of Rosemond Brown’s pictures in grand style, you little pervert!

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