Friday, December 4, 2020

10 Times Don Little’s Girlfriend Purfcie Conna Proved That She Has ‘Weight & Can Occupy Space’ (Photos)

I know you must have seen this picture of Kumawood diminutive actor Don Little and a very bootylicious woman known has Purfcie Conna on Social media and she was described as Don Little’s girlfriend—Well if you didn’t get to see that picture, we’ve added it again below for you.

Truth is, she’s not Don Little’s girlfriend as it was being speculated, we are sure the blogs and social media commenters only said that for the fun of it but that does not take away the fact that Purfcie Conna is one of those beautiful Ghanaian women who are well-endowed in every region of the ‘Manlooksphere’ (What’s that one too? Oh, I mean what men want, the boobs and the ass, hips, etc, everything dey inside)

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We are sure when Sarkodie said;”Dangerous commodity; )baa no w) shape. Poisonous calamity; girls w) Cape.” in his verse on Shatta Wale’s song ‘Megye Wo Girl’ he was making reference to girls like Purfcie.

We don’t know much about Purfcie Conna yet but her Instagram bio says that, she’s an actress, entrepreneur and a marketing executive and a graphic designer (I have to discuss with the team, so we employ her services as a graphic designer at Ghbase Media….lol)


That’s right! One of God’s big plans for you was giving you such an endowed body

Yes, we are sure she trains on the waist soo much, we can be your Betweener ooo, Kumi Guitar has trained us


This body is causing confusion, it is causing confusion yh, but let me forget because she’s not my size

The rice is trying to separate the love I have for your distin but they don’t know ooo….

You are for me, so you will not pass me Conna

She doesn’t even like that much food, look at the small cup she’s using

Dear Mom, at this point, I lost it, I couldn’t help but imagine things.


When Poor don Little was tormented, this boy is innocent, don’t pose like this for him, I’m here mama

I love walking along the beaches, can I join you there?

 Boss Lady! Shatta Wale says he can take a bullet for you, but I swear, I can take a bomb for you

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