The Mary Girl Criss Waddle Allegedly Chopped Down & Dumped Is Talking About Waddle’s Penis & He Will Lose It

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It appears the girl who attempted suicide after she was jilted by Criss Waddle wants to rip Criss Waddle apart when  a n*de photo of her inundated the the social media space. This time around she has decided to attack Criss Waddle’s Endowment.

In an interview with, the girl known as Mary revealed to the website that she is aware pictures of her naked self is circulating the internet and that out of the two pictures, it’s only one of them that’s actually her. She disclosed that, the one where the woman has bent down without a face isn’t her and that she’s just the one in the other picture. ( Because of site policies, we can’t upload the said pictures here)

14256683_10206946489841456_125994411_nShe further revealed to the website that, Waddle took that picture after they had had one of their sexual bouts but Waddle told her, he would delete it and that he only wanted to admire the ‘body’ for a while. According to her, she trusted Waddle to delete it but the said picture found it’s way on the internet.

Among the many things she said in the interview, the 18 year old girl who seemed to be worried about the turn out of events attacked Criss Waddle’s endowment saying that the rapper has a small penis

When the blogger at asked if she is isnt bothered that it could ruin her future, she had this shocking thing to say “ i am not worried at all, criss waddle is a fool and no wonder God has punished him with that small thing he has in between his legs, that very small dick,honestly i was very disappointed when i saw it for the first time…he is not a man at all….twiahhh” She added.

Ah Well!!

But Waddle still maintains that he has never had sekz with the girl. What do you think? Could it be that the girl is exaggerating or she’s knows what she’s saying

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