Horny Virgin Couple Use Plastic Bag Instead Of Condom-End Up In Hospital

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We don’t know where this couple from Vietnam got the idea of using a plastic bag as a replacement for a condom-Maybe they saw it in a movie

They ended up with serious injuries to their genitals after they used a plastic bag instead of a condom while having sex. Reports however are that, they were too shy to buy a contraception.

The boy slipped a plastic bag over his erection before penetrating his girlfriend. The couple are students from Hanoi and both ended requiring medical treatment, according to the  hospital director.

Green plastic bags on kitchen worktop.
Green plastic bags on kitchen worktop.
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The Vietnamese Toui Tre newspaper reported that the couple sustained scratches to their privates, ‘to the point of bleeding.

That must hurt really bad. 

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Portions of text culled from metro.co.uk

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