Becca Was Not Sexually Satisfied By Ex & Sleeps With Nigerian Men For Money- The Other Assertion By Nana Akua As Revealed By Bibi Bright

We didn’t want to go back to this gossip that  Bibi Bright spilled on Instagram some few days ago but by popular demand we’ve decided to post it so those who missed it can read what it is that Bibi disclosed about Becca according to Nana Akua.

We reported some news about Bibi Bright, a Ghanaian actress revealing secrets and also throwing shots at fellow actress Nana Akua Addo because she claims Nana Akua also revealed a top secret she told her only on Instagram under the disguise of fake accounts and other people’s instagram account.

In the many revelations she made on Instagram which she has deleted all of them, she disclosed however that Nana Akua  once told her that Becca  said she wasn’t sexually satisfied with Kiki who was her manager and lover at the time. Unfortunately for her, the internet never forgets, and there are screenshots of all that she posted.

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Bibi Bright also disclosed that, Nana Akua also told her that all Becca does is to sleep with Nigerian men for money. We don’t know whether this assertion made by Bibi Bright as told by Nana Akua is true or not but what we know is that Bibi Bright’s sole intention for letting all the things Nana Akua told her come out is because she wants every celebrity to distant herself from her.

Several bloggers and pundits have described Bibi Birght’s actions as childish and an attention seeker because she wouldn’t have told the other celebrities and the world about the bad things Nana Akua had said about them, if Nana Akua hadn’t let out her secret she claims is not true.

See the screenshot from that post she made on Instagram below:






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