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It’s been long I brought you guys some update on movies in Ghana. I have been busy watching some other stuff, you know. Well, there’s this new movie which features Nadia Buari titled ‘Breached’ directed by  Abu Idi and produced by ISIKA RICHARD (emperor).

This new movie would  be exciting especially when it’s going to be the first movie, we would be seeing Nadia Buari in after she gave birth to her twins.  A date for the premiere of the movie is yet to be set but I am certain it’s going to be sometime in November or early December.

Breached‘ does not only feature Nadia Buari, but also Jose Tolbert who apparently played the role of Nadia Buari’s husband. The film also featured David Dontoh, Bill Myers, Lorreta Clarke, Jeffrey Nortey & David Ankrah.

Read the Synopsis for the movie below:

Blessed with a rich dad, a loving husband, and two caring husband’s best friends; Yvonne thought she had the best of world’s men in her life until her husband was arrested and detained abroad; Yvonne with no idea of her husband’s status quo still had the best of support from her husband’s best friends lifting her up till a sudden series OF discoveries of foul play from all angles set her life on a flipped roller coaster when she realizes each of the men habours a secret that connects either one or all four of them to another secret; now it’s time for a tried, tested and pushed SOFT woman to lose it, the once seemingly unbreakable BOND is BREACHED. And this time it’s revelation against forgiveness in a triangle where the strongest of love tastes its fair share of shock! Can love win on this one?
It’s a blockbuster  intensified with dramatic irony and suspense.


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I would bring you an update as to when the movie will be premiered but then, tell us what you think about it in our comment box. You could win FREE tickets to the premiere by sharing your thoughts.

I would also gist you guys on a new African Vampire kind of series which was also done by this same director Abu Idi. So make sure you have liked our Facebook page so you don’t miss it, when we post.breached movie

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