An Open Letter To MzGee of Hitz FM

An American poet and prose writer by name Harry Hibbard Kemp defined a poor (broke person) as a person who is not without money but rather without a dream in life. However, Hitz FM presenter Gloria Akpe Nyarku popularly known as MzGee thinks otherwise of this sensitive issue. Now, the cliché that everybody is entitled to his or her opinion does not mean that, as a rational human being, you can say anything that comes into your mind. Social media for the past days has been buzzing with news about MzGee concerning her stance on her ideal type of man to marry when she was asked in an interview about why upon all the fame, she still remain single. According to her, ‘If you are a broke (poor guy), you dare not come near her with a marriage proposal!’ Meaning, she is still single because all the guys who have approached her basically for marriage proposals were mostly broke or poor per her estimation.Thus, her definition of an ideal man has been reduced to material possessions rather than the maturity of a man when it comes to marriage. But she has forgotten the fact that, money is a ‘useless’ commodity when it comes to genuine reasons for marriage. It’s very unfortunate for someone in the eyes of the public who even serve us a role model to some young ladies aiming to get marriage one day to make such a ‘shallow statement’. Unfortunately, before MzGee made these shocking revelations, a Ghanaian actress by name Salma Mumin is also reported to be ‘crying indoor and praying for a potential man to marry no matter his status as poor or rich in life.

Now, despite the fact that she has the platform to voice out her emotions, it is also important to put her on the right path when going wayward and the record must be set straight. There are countless number of ladies of her calibre in the media limelight who would have wished for ‘broke guys’ to put a ring on their middle finger but to no avail. Actress Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson, Salma Mumin, Nikki Samonas, Zynnel Zuh, Mzbell, Joselyn Dumas and many other beautiful actresses and television goddess are reported to have been praying indoors daily just because they lack potential marriage men in their lives. Realistically, most of them have given birth to ‘bastards’. Truly, their struggles to get married may be related to MzGee’s attitude to men now for marriage. This is because, maybe the time they also reached their peak for marriage in their late 20’s where potential men came into their lives, they refused them thinking they were all ‘poor or broke’ as well and this has landed them into spinster lifestyle. Therefore, it is likely that a time will come for MzGee to also ‘lose’ all her potential marriage suitors and later also sing sorrowful melodies and pray earnestly for marriage suitors to come her way just like how her female colleagues in the media like Salma Mumin and others have been hoping and praying for now.

The hard truth is that, most Ghanaian ladies are now struggling in the hands of pastors in the name of marriage. Sadly, they have forgotten the number of matured men they shun in their hay days because the guys who proposed to them were seen to be poor at the first sight. However, true happiness in marriage is not dependent on the luxury of the man. I believe that, a matured but ‘broke’ man in any day is far better than a rich man without brains that MzGee is looking forward to marry. But under normal circumstances, the prime desire of every rational woman is happiness in the marriage but not money (not to say money is irrelevant in marriage but it just don’t have to be the main purpose for it). However, it becomes very dangerous when the focus of a lady who yearns to marry becomes money or material resources and if it happens in this way, its likely such lady will forever be a spinster or single woman.

I hope a time will come when MzGee will regret for taking this ‘childish’ decision. If she doesn’t know, most marriages have failed to succeed not because of money, but the absence of happiness. She should go to the likes of Yvonne Nelson and Lydia Forson for free advice on what caused their failure in getting marriage at their present ages. This will help her to take a clue so that she will not suffer the same fate. More importantly, MzGee of Hitz FM fame should not be deceived by her current beauty because time changes and beauty or attractiveness fades as you grow. Again, MzGee has made it clear to Ghanaians that any man she settles with is as a result of his money and not true love. Thus, her love is conditional and the condition is money, and that cannot be said to be true love in our Ghanaian dispensation. I am tempted to believe that she has been going to counseling from counsellor George Lutherodt, because he consistently advise ladies to shun broke men. However, when MzGee continues to stick to her marriage philosophy, a time will come she will beg for a poor man to even come forward to propose marriage to her but she won’t find one. Now, what will MzGee and other ladies who think like her do if they marry a rich man and accidentally or for some reason the man loses all his possessions? A word to a wise…

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