Bullet of RuffnSmooth Fires TV3 For Overplaying P-Square Songs

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A member of Ghanaian music group, Ruff N Smooth, Bullet has called on TV3 Network to stop playing foreign songs particularly that of P-Square because they do not even know TV3.

From a video that went viral on social media, Bullet fumes as he spoke with a producer of TV3 for not playing Ghanaian artiste Ebony video when they (TV3) called her for an interview.

Instead of playing Ebony’s videos, the producer was playing P-Square’s and he, Bullet, drew his attention to it but the producer did not give him a listening ear.

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This irritated Bullet to screamed at the producer and drew a lot of attention.

Bullet in the video is heard saying, P-Square even does not know the producer at TV3. He says, “An artiste woke up like 5am and drove all the way from West Legon, play her song and you are there playing a Nigerian music… P-Square, they don’t even know you.”


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