A-Plus Describes Parliamentarians As Indiscipline And We Agree With Him

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A-Plus has made lots of daring but volatile utterances in the past concerning topical revolving around politics. His music is often woven around the fabric of ills in the society and the possible solutions.

Although he has shown bias in some of his opinions because he is affiliated to the incumbent government, his statement today about a bunch of MPs who interrupted Ken Ofori-Atta while he was presenting Ghana’s budget in parliament is on point.

The politics we practice in this part of our world even goes beyond the allegory depicted in George Orwell’s Animal farm.

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We don’t see anything wrong with bad actions of some people whom we dance the same political beat with but the same actions becomes right when it is coming from the camp of the opponent.

Honestly we cannot build a country with this sort of attitude. Interrupting a minister whilst he is delivering an important information such as the budget is totally uncalled for.

The precedent has been set in the past by political parties and their opponent and the earlier this vicious cycle is broken, the better. We don’t want to hear, “why didn’t you speak vehemently about it when we were in power and they also rudely interrupted our minister?”


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