14 Ways To Prevent Early Ejac*lation Under 1 Minute | No. 3 Is Serious!

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Sekz is great and everyone needs to have it. But then sometimes, as a man when you are having fun at it, you wouldn’t want to come so early. It could ruin the fun especially when it is your first time with the woman.

It’s embarrassing to ejaculate within some few seconds after getting in, especially, when you have debated with this woman that, you are going to smash her, if you get her in bed. If you are not lucky, that could be the last time, you would ever get to hit it down with this woman or girl.

Worst, she would tell the other girls about your poor performance, but then there is a way to prevent that 30 seconds sekz and push it up to say at least 5 minutes in the first round, by then you would have already made her cum.

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So, let’s get started!! Use the Next buttons to see the rest.

14. Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises can help you prolong ejaculation. Kegels are those muscles that you use for controlling urination. So, flex these muscles about 30 times a day to delay ejaculation.


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