Landlord asks pretty lady to leave his house due to the skimpy and tempting dresses she always wears

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A landlord has served a pretty lady with a quit notice following the skimpy dresses the lady wears which certainly appear tempting to the poor man.

Toju, a pretty lady is crying over her landlord’s decision to throw her out for the reason that her dress style is quite uncomforting to him (the landlord).

Sharing her frustration on Twitter, Toju said she feels she is being treated unfairly and does not understand why a landlord wants to decide for her how she should live her life.

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She wrote:

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Because my landlord has an issue with the way I dress he’s bringing my quick notice today. I’m just upset because I know it’s not fair and I really shouldn’t be treated this way. I hate that no matter how much we fight for equality online, the average man is still a misogynistic piece of sh*t

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