20 Best Fashion Tips Of All Times For The Best Performance

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Planning to change your look and style? Still hesitate, whether your clothes match? Find out the best fashion prompts from the world famous stylists and designers

20 Best Fashion Prompts of All the Times

A perfect and fashionable look is a dream of any modern IT girl. However, sometimes it is not so easy to create perfect combinations of clothes and accessories. What are the key features of great look? How can you mix styles and textures with a maximum effect? What are the most common mistakes of fashion-mongers? These 20 tips will help you to create a perfect look anytime and anywhere.


  • Have enough time for preparation and combining clothes and accessories. Still have lack of time to create your own special look? Just order the UK application essay and get plenty of free time for making your appearance unforgettable.
  • Looking sexy is not being naked. The best solution for creating an attractive look is to show and hide some parts of your body simultaneously. For example, wrap your legs if you have an uncovered top or just hide your top in case you show your legs.
  • Use bright accessories carefully. Make sure you are not looking too motley: maximum of three different colors in your look is a classical win-win option.
  • Avoid too long and too short pants. The most common mistake of most it girls is a wrong length of pants. If you are not confident with this issue, just fix the length with heels or flats.
  • Use scarfs. Yes, you are right! A scarf is the most useful accessory in your closet: it can easily transform your office style to awesome party look. Furthermore, it can easily make you look stylish with minimum efforts!
  • Know your advantages and drawbacks. Every girl’s figure is absolutely unique. Even if you saw a fashionable look on any pop-star, make sure it suits your own figure.
  • Prepare for shopping. If you are looking for the best dress for the party, bring your heels and accessories with you. These things will make your choice much easier.
  • Buy smaller items. If you are not confident with the size of your jeans, buy smaller ones. Jeans always stretch and will fit you perfectly in just a couple of walks.
  • Manage your closet regularly. If you haven’t worn a piece of cloth, it’s a good idea to get rid of it.
  • Check the garment’s lining. The lining of your clothes can easily show you its level of quality. Best dresses always have an accurate and tidy lining.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. “So not me” clothes can make your appearance significantly brighter and good-looking.
  • Use heels of a nude color. Nude pumps are must-have in your wardrobe. They make your legs looking longer and can fit almost any types of clothes.
  • Double-check your look in white clothes. White is always more transparent in daylight.
  • Change buttons. Buttons are one of the key features of every jacket. Just upgrade them and you’ll get a new cloth for minimum costs.
  • Buy something leopard. Leopard print is always glamorous and absolutely timeless.
  • Don’t be afraid of juicy and bright colors. Black is no longer a king of fashion! Bright yellow, green and violet can easily make you exceptionally fashionable. You can also try new in-between tints for a trendy look.
  • Try on thick belts and waistbands: they are likely to make your waist thinner and hide your curves.
  • Create unusual contrasts. Choose an oversized chocker, bright shoes or a motorcycle jacket to create a stylish and unforgettable character.
  • Don’t skimp on accessories. Cute jewelry and shoes can easily help you to make your look exceptionally modern.
  • Buy studs. Studs can easily beat almost any kind of jewelry. Make sure to have them in your closet.
  • Create your own look book. Collect your best looks: this will definitely help you if you are in a hurry.

What Makeup Is the Most Suitable For Each Occasion?

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Makeup is always the best compliment to your look. Make sure you have different kinds of images for the major occasions: college exams, dates, parties and a casual one. For example, bright makeup might seem impertinent at school, while a nude look is still not the best choice for knees-up. Be sure, beauty is always one of the keys to success wherever you go!


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