2020 elections to be determined by blood sacrifices if… – Duncan Williams predicts

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Founder and Leader of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have warned Ghanaians against the upcoming 2020 general elections stating that, if Christians don’t pray ceaselessly, a calamity will befall the nation.

According to the respected man of God, the 2020 presidential election would be full of bloodshed, therefore all Christians should fight the battle in the spiritual realm and not leave it to the politicians most of whom use voodoo to win power.

“We’re in 2020 elections and people are predicting the outcome already and Christians are sitting down saying nothing, leaving it to politicians. You have to speak out!” he told his congregation during a sermon on Sunday, January 19, 2020.

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He indicated in the sermon in his church on Sunday that if Christians do not speak out against unfair propaganda, the general elections would be determined by blood sacrifices offered to the powers of darkness.

The Archbishop suggested the Christian Council of Ghana organises an all-night service ahead of the December polls for God to choose his servant who can turn the fortunes of the country around.

“Let the Council of God, let the decree of the watchers determine the outcome of the elections, not the consultations with fetish priests and the shedding of innocent blood and the blood of animals but let the word of the Lord, let the Council of the Lord, determine the outcome of the 2020 elections and not consultations and visitations of the powers of darkness,” the man of God stressed.

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He also condemned some men of God who give prophecies during election time just to exploit the political class.

“Let the outcome of the election be divine and let the Council of the Lord determine the outcome of the election and not the wishes, desires and the exploitation of men and of politicians,” he said.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams is certain if Christians take charge and cry on the Lord, the anointed one will win the elections.

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“Say: ‘Let God arise over 2020 elections and let His enemies be scattered’,”, he charged the congregation.


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