2months After They Got Power Back, Boko Haram Blows Up Power Tower In Maiduguri To Send Them Into Darkness Again

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Barely 72 hours after electric power was restored in Maiduguri, Borno State, Boko Haram insurgents on Saturday, March 27, blew up another transmission tower in the city.

Premium Times reports that the insurgents planted explosives on each leg of the tower, which they detonated at about 6 a.m. In January, the terrorists struck power installations thrice at a location about 50km from Maiduguri to keep the city in the dark.

The power, was, however, restored on Wednesday, March 24, after nearly two months of blackout. While reconnecting the installation, three TCN officials were severely injured by a landmine planted by the insurgents.

Another official was said to have lost his life after falling off a tower. The city has now been thrown into another darkness following the Saturday morning attack.


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