4 fishermen found after going missing for five days

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Four missing fishermen have been found alive floating in a fishing box after going missing for five days.

The four fishermen who have been missing for five days were found off the coast of Malaysia since they left the seashore on the 29th of January 2023.

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The boat of the four fishermen; Captain Mohd Zaid Camry Abdullah  43, and three of his crew members Muhammad Herman Arpat, 25, Sinasi Badu, 44, and Frenky Daud Amin, 40, was struck by a huge wave in treacherous weather and sank.

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When the fishermen realized their boat was sinking, they grabbed their food supplies, left the boat, and climbed into the two large orange containers hoping to find safety. They further built a makeshift lifeboat made out of two fish boxes after they found a leak at the bow of their boat. 

However, on the fourth day, they ran out of water and started drinking rainwater. On the fifth day, they were rescued by a passing transport ship that spotted them 75 miles away.

The captain said: ‘Our drinking water supplies ran out on the fourth day, while food supplies were still there. We also collect rainwater for drinking.’

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He said: ‘Around 6 pm, we anchored to rest because the waves were getting big.

‘Then around 1 am, the weather was worse and we tried to hold on until morning but the waves grew bigger and the boat suddenly leaked.

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‘We tried to draw the water out but the water was rising and after lifting the fish box, it was found that the bow of the boat had broken and the water was entering quickly.’

‘After that, we dumped the fish in the box and tied up the two fish boxes. Then I told the others to get their respective bags with food supplies to go into the fish box.’

He said: ‘They were transferred to the KM Tabah ship belonging to the Maritime Law Enforcement Agency team before being taken to Marina Bay Pier for further action.

Source: www.ghbase.com


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