4 Nigerians Arrrested In Philippines For Stealing P100 Million In Cyber Fraud

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Four Nigerians have been apprehended by Philippines authorities for their alleged connivance in an international operation that divert and steal bank transactions.

The FBI in Philippines arrested the four Nigerian young men in Muntinlupa City on Tuesday September 8.

According to the statement made by the Cybercrime divisional chief Vic Lorenzo, the activities of these men were traced when they hacked a system of a Philippine bank and allegedly transferred at least P100 million into a different account.

He said;

“The fraudsters, Nigerians – transactions were traced when they hacked a system of one Philippines bank, where at least P100 million were transfered and funneled into a different account. The international syndicate is complicated to the point that they study the system’s flaw. Once they see a weakness, they will take advantage of that,” the statement reads.


“One of the suspects’ Filipina girlfriend admitted to having used her account to deposit and withdraw money amonting to at least P2 million, which was suppossedly for tuition. Bank cards and bank receipts were confiscated from the suspects.”

The suspects however, denied all allegations against them, saying that they were in the Philippines for educational purposes and that, they are not cyber fraudsters. One of them claimed that the funds withdrawn were donations from Nigerian student community.

The NBI said the Nigerian violated the Access Device Law, Anti-Cybercime law and falsification of public documents.

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