400-500 migrant workers died while working on FIFA World cup stadium in Qatar

A top Qatari official has made a shocking disclosure that an estimate of about 400-500 migrant workers died while working on the FIFA World Cup project in Qatar.

Hassan Al-Thawadi, the Qatari official made this disclosure while speaking in an interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV Monday … saying hundreds of migrant workers died as a consequence of World Cup labor.

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“Between 400 and 500,” Al-Thawadi told the British reporter in a response that appeared off the cuff, adding, “I don’t have the exact number. That’s something that’s being discussed.”

“One death is too many. It’s as simple as that.”

Earlier on, it was reported that about 40 people died due to a work accident on the FIFA World cup project while others died of either illness or other causes.

However, it seems the officials of Qatar are not being true with the statistics as an anonymous person on social media has claimed that the total number o migrants who died ranges between 6500-7000 since Qatar was awarded WC in 2010.

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source: www.ghbase.com

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