4×4 is working on a project – Coded reveals

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Coded, one member of the defunct music group, 4×4, has hinted of a possible comeback as he stated in an interview that the group is working on a project to be released soon.

Coded of 4×4 group last week made a post Instagram stating that he has missed his brothers. He posted a picture of the group with a caption that got the public talking about wanting the three back as a group.

In a phone interview with Citi FM’s Kwame Dadzie on ‘Celebrity Radar,’ Coded revealed that the group is definitely working on a project and that the only thing delaying it is the fact that the group members are far from each other.

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According to him, the fact that things keep changing as far as music is concerned is another reason the group has not released the songs they have recorded.

“There’s definitely going to be a project working on but in all, the only thing that is pulling us back a little is Fresh Prince cos. Planet gets to come in and out of town so he is very easy to access. I am the one always here. I don’t feel Abrokyire so he is up and down but planet because the wife works there in the UK so he goes back and forth” he said.

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“We got other songs that we’ve not released but a lot of new engineers, the genre is every time changing so we probably would want to do fresh music and stuff like that so we’d have to wait for our brother to touch down and then we’d probably put things together so it’s not gonna take long at all. It’s gonna be soon’” he added.

He further stated that it is his duty to protect his brothers’ image in the public’s eye no matter what.

“You have to always protect your own and they’re my own. They’re my brothers I have to protect them. You don’t have to wash your dirty clothes out there and you break bread with your brothers, you break bread with your people so I always hold them in high esteem. I still hold them in high esteem cos we break bread together,” he stated.

4×4 is a Ghanaian hip hop music group which was part of the group, Buk Bak, which came into existence in 2000. The group initially consisted of Captain Planet (Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey) and Coded formerly Abortion (Russell Edem Avornyo). The others include Ronnie Coaches and Bright Bling Sparkles who Buk Bak).

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