5 Female Celebrities Who Will Curse You For Stealing Their Make-Up

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Make-up are care substances used to enhance the appearance of the human body. It is intended to be applied to the body for cleansing,beautifying,promoting attractivenss or to alter appearance without affecting the structure of the body.

These days,most ladies are adddicted to make-up to the extent that they even wear it before their bedtime.

I have come across a couple of ladies who think they are not pretty until their face is made-up.

Make-up is lovely and very artistic,but it shouldn’t be worn all the time.
research shows that excessive use of make-up has lots of effects since it is a combination of chemical substances. Some of the effects one gets from using make-up all the time are skin diseases and reaction,allergies,cancer and aging.

Ghbase.com has been to several events over the past years and also follow the activities of most celebrities keenly on their social media pages and have come to the realization that,there are some female celebrities who can’t do without make-up. They always put it on,sometimes it favors them and other times,it makes them have weird looks.

See some 5 Ghanaian female celebrities who will curse you for stealing their make-up.

      1. Sandra Ankobiah


There is no doubt Sandra Ankobiah is beautiful. She is one of the prettiest ladies in the industry.Most guys crush on her because she is a very attractive young lady but one thing I have noticed is her excessive use of make-up.Sometimes her make-up is on-point and other times it’s outlandish.

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