5 Ghanaian Musicians Who Haven’t Been Billed To Perform In 2015

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Music in Ghana is not all about making a hit song and just relaxing for event organizers to bill you for shows. It requires a lot more of hard work and building of one’s brand to stay relevant all the times.
Branding is one of the activites that pushes one to the top in any aspect.[tps_title][/tps_title]
Ghbase.com looks at some 5 musicians who have worked well some few years ago,have a couple of hits but didn’t really do well to stay up in 2015.
We could be say that,they haven’t been billed to perform on any big stage in 2015 but they might have played a couple of shows; one that would considered normal, for artistes who are categorized as mainstream in the industry.

1.Dr. Cryme


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The ‘Kill Me Shy’ hitmaker hasn’t stayed up to his game in recent times of which most people think he is relaxed and not putting in much effort to stay on top.
He currently has a single out with Sarkodie titled ‘Koko Sakora’. This track is already making waves and we hope Cryme will release more singles before this one too dies out since there are several good songs out there competing.


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