5 important things that excite women; Nigerian pastor drops hints

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Nigerian pastor, Leke Adeboye has listed five important things that turn women on or as he put it, the language women aptly interpret. 

The son of the renowned Nigerian clergyman Enoch Adeboye explained that these languages are;

  1. Getting an alert
  2. Getting expensive bags and shoes
  3. Ordering for food that you won’t pay for
  4. Messages of being left alone in peace
  5. Receiving alarms which have to do with 5M and above.

His post was met with wild reactions as you could imagine. He later updated his post with two additional requirements and to say the internet is on fire right this minute is a gross understatement.

See below;

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“Forgot to add number 6. Lastest phones, even if I don’t know how to work them. Wink wink. 7. Stop arguing with us, when we are trying to get our points across. We are the only ones allowed to speak. Your points don’t count. Just say sorry and admit you are wrong always.”

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