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5 Major Reasons Why Medikal Ended His Relationship With Sister Derby – The Gist

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As it stands now, it is no news to Ghanaian entertainment enthusiasts that Medikal and  Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Derby are no more in relationship. Budding actress Fella Makafui of YOLO fame who’s in her 20s has been able to snatch Medikal from grandma Derby who’s in her late 30s getting closer to menopause for obvious reasons.

Prior to their sudden breakup, the court of public opinion or better still social media users in Ghana predicted doom for Sister Derby but she refused to heed to their advice until this day. To them, their age difference alone was a clear indication that the relationship won’t last any longer per our cultural demands.

But at long last, the predictions of the doomsayers have come to past , therefore, this blog post will seek to highlight on five (5) major reasons why rapper Medikal of Arab Money Gang (AMG) fame kicked out his sugar mummy, Sister Derby from his life for more energetic Fella Makafui to take over and ride him.

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Age Difference

From the onset of their relationship, admirers of Medikal and Sister Derby had issues with their age difference because per our cultural norms, the man is expected to be older than the woman and not the other way round. Unfortunately, Sister Derby is 8years older than Medikal so it became obvious that their relationship will certainly crash along the line. Although both of them made it emphatic that age is just a number but we can’t exclude the fact that it contributed to their breakup. This is why Medikal is now flirting with Fella Makafui whom Medikal is older than to satisfy norms and traditions.

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Poor & Tasteless Cooking Skills of Sister Derby

The fact is that most of our female celebrities don’t know how to cook. At best, they can prepare only Indomie and Sister Derby is no exception!. The ‘Uncle Obama’ crooner doesn’t know how to cook and with this no sound man will marry a lady who’s well-versed in the preparation of only Indomie. On records, Sister Derby in an interview with Yvonne OKoro’s cooking show said that although she can’t cook the best of delicacies but his boyfriend, then Medikal is not really perturbed.

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Body Assets (s3xual healing of Derby not to Medikal’s expectation)

Medikal in most of his songs has revealed that he don’t really like slim ladies with all dry bones. So no long talk, just take a critical look at these shapes especially the a$$ of Fella Makafui and Sister Derby from the photos below and share your observation with us in comments.

Fella’s Wicked A$$ Vrs Sister Derby’s Pencil-Like A$$


For further proof, see what Medikal psoted on his Twitter handle right after Sister Derby has released ‘Kakalika Love’ to shade Medikal as well as Fella Makafui.

Sister Derby’s Timidity

From all indications rapper Medikal is hyperactive in nature. He likes to do his stuff in the gangster way comparably to Sister Derby and from a reliable source, such attitude of Medikal used to create a lot of discomfort for Derby who appears to be more timid and reserved. As a result, Medikal thought of calling everything a quit so that he can get along with someone who’s also energetic and the cast fell on his bestie cum boo, Fella Makafui.

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Marriage/Wedding Pressure

Like earlier said, Sister Derby is 8years older than Medikal and no customs and traditions in Ghana permit a man of ‘sound’ mind to settle down with a woman who’s older than him. From an insider, Sister Derby off late has been putting marriage (wedding) pressure on Medikal. However, Medikal felt he’s too young to settle down officially so that created a lot of tension, quarrel and disagreement between them. Therefore, for Medikal to have his peace of mind, he had to call everything a quit.

So there you have it. The above-mentioned are the major contributing factors to the collapse of Medikal’s amorous relationship with his sugar mummy, Sister Derby. You can always trust Ghana’s favourite entertainment blog, for authentic and comprehensive reportage.

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  1. All the above points are nonfa cuz didn’t medikal know all these before starting the relationship with her???medikal is an opportunistic bastard n oh with dieeerrr she makes me laugh k3K3 abi we all dey this Ghana.. her tym go come p333333

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