5 Photos Of Rose That Prove She’s Truly Not A Trotro Girl

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Rose of Date Rush fame has become popular after a video emerged where she was seen losing her cool after her boyfriend complained on the Date Rush reunion that, she said she can’t board trotro to his place.

Many Ghanaians have bashed her on Social media with some suggesting that, she’s very disrespectful and feels because she’s beautiful she feels so pompous.

Well, if you take a look at these photos of Rose, you would agree that she’s indeed a beautiful girl and one with a very nice stature and a body any man would desire.

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In a way, we can understand her argument on why she won’t board the commercial trotro, especially when going to visit her boo, who probably was the one who made the hor*y call.

I mean if you are going to get chopped and your bf is the one who made the call, rationally getting an Uber is more convenient than to go take like 2-3 different troskis before getting to his place all sweaty.

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If it’s the lady who wants to come on her own accord, then she can use trotro.

Anyways, not every guy thinks like me, so let’s just admire these hot photos of Rose below.

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