5 Reasons Why Some Girls Will Accept To Be A Sidechick

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In recent times,some Ghanaian girls would consider being a sidechick for several reasons which will blow your mind.

Sometimes I wander why one would accept that fact knowing very well that you are just the ‘refurbished product’ whiles that guy has an ‘original product’ who comes first before you in everything.

With some real life instances experienced by some dudes interviewed, I bring to you some factual 5 reasons why a girl would accept to be a sidechick. Enjoy this now and expect another mind blowing article “7 Commandments Of A Sidechick” in my next writeup.

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#1  For Love

This young lady has fallen for this guy to the extent that she has no option than to be his sidechick. She wants something she can’t have all to herself so she better play the role of a sidechick or lose him forever.



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