5 Reasons Why Your Manhood Keeps Shrinking And What You Can Do To Keep It In Check

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It is not news that a lot men of are obsessed with the size of their “lollipop”.

But your p.enis size may be under threat. While a lot of companies spend money to come up with products that increase the size of a man’s penis and his performance in bed, very few of the research the fact that sometimes the Penis naturally Shrinks.

Penises change over time, and penis shrinkage is real. Erections naturally get smaller and less firm as a person ages, urologists confirm. Although there’s nothing men can do to stop dick shrinkage altogether, there’s a hell of a lot they can do to make penis shrinkage worse.

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The penis can lose about a centimetre of length l when you’re in your thirties about to enter your sixties.This was confirmed by Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, a Florida-based urologist.

Every Manhood is made up of three tubes, two of which are vascular and depend on blood flow to become erect. The third is for funnelling out urine.

As men age, the manhood loses collagen and elasticity as a result of more cells ageing and dying off, like in any other part of the body.

All of this affects blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis, making erections smaller and less pronounced than they used to be.

But aside from the natural causes of a penis shrinking. There are other causes penis Shrinkage in men.
*Below are five top causes of Penis Shrinkage in men and solutions on how to control it.

1. Weight Gain :

As your belly grows, the penis gets pulled into the body. Not only does the penis appear shorter when a man’s belly gets more prominent, but it also actually loses length because it is unable to extend farther from the body. While penile length remains intact, the bulk of the penis becomes trapped in the body’s fat pad. As these fatty deposits increase in the abdominal wall, the penis can appear smaller. Experts estimate that for every 35 pounds of weight gain, there is a one-inch loss in apparent penile length! Now before you put that sweet tender pork meat in your mouth, think about how it’s going to reduce the size of your precious Lollipop and eat a salad instead.

SOLUTION: Stay in shape, maintain a healthy diet, and take steps to improve your overall health. While we hear that advice all the time, nobody tells you that your penis might shrink if you don’t do it! It sounds like an effective marketing campaign for a healthy lifestyle!


2. Not Using Your Penis Enough:

I know you are excited about this part but before I go on don’t forget that too much of everything is bad!!


Having regular sex also prevents your penis from shrinking.
These activities create blood flow to the penis, and therefore, they are beneficial for your health. It’s helpful to understand that your penis is designed to be erect and filled with blood from time to time. A constantly flaccid penis promotes erectile shrinkage. If you go too long without an erection, collagen, smooth muscle, elastin, and other erectile tissues will begin to deteriorate, resulting in a loss of penile length and girth and limiting one’s ability to achieve an erection. In a vicious cycle, loss of sexual function can lead to further erectile dysfunction as poor genital blood flow causes low oxygen levels in the blood vessels and genital tissues.

BUT, it doesn’t mean you should go and be sleeping about. Don’t forget AIDS IS REAL and other STDs that are NOT treatable. Stick to one WOMAN and enjoy your sex with her. At least 3 times a week should be enough to keep things exciting!

3. Broken or Damaged P.enis

It can occur during sex when the penis is accidentally jammed against the woman’s pelvic bone, causing the cartilage in the penis to fracture. Breaking the penis may create an emergency that requires surgical repair, which is necessary to stop the bleeding and repair the damage and prevent the potential for Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease affects about one in 100 men and is a condition that causes the penis to curve, resulting in penile shortening, deformity, angulation, and pain.

*Solution*: Be careful when having sex. If you notice a painful lump of erectile tissue or scar tissue, a bend, shortening, and deformity, see a urologist for management as Peyronie’s disease is treatable once the acute phase is over and the scarring stabilizes. Likewise, if you experience a penile fracture after a miss-stroke – marked by an audible pop, acute pain, swelling, and bruising – head to the emergency room ASAP!


4. Side effects Of Prostate Surgery:

Prostate cancer affects one in nine men. This is scary I know. Older men and African men are most likely to be diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. About 6 in 10 cases are diagnosed in men 65 or older, but it is rare in men under 40. The average age at diagnosis is about 66. While it is critical to remove the problem to save lives, prostate surgery, particularly radical prostatectomy, often decreases penile length and girth. This can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Solution: Resuming sexual activity as soon as possible after prostate surgery will help rehabilitate the penis and prevent disuse atrophy. At least a month after a surgery( Seek Doctor’s Advice) can help lift your man to the heavens!!


5. Having a low testosterone: men need to be aware that testosterone levels decrease with age, a condition known as andropause. This is also known as ” Men Menopause” and it starts at age 30. We often think menopause is for only women but men also experience Menopause and theirs start at an early age of 30. Consequently, libido decreases, morning erections occur less frequently, and erectile dysfunction increases. These changes all contribute to penis shrinkage.

SOLUTION: This is a tough one. Because of the resulting low testosterone levels, most men have a diminished sex drive and lose interest in sex and “use it or lose it” becomes challenging.
Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is often prescribed for men with andropause. Here, they can opt for a shot of the hormone every two weeks. Alternatively, they can stick a hormone patch onto their skin daily. Or, they can apply a testosterone-infused gel on their upper back and arms or insert hormone pellets under the skin every two months.


Don’t allow your manhood shrink! Take good care of yourself and stick to one vagina and you will be fine!!

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