5 Revelations About Ladies That Still Remain Mysteries To Men

It’s quite true when the saying “Women are the real architects of society”  pops up. They are the most adorable creatures in the world.Women have the power to make things happen which could be soo unbelievable.

Every woman is very special that some of their revelations still remain mysteries to men,  which we still do not understand how that’s supposed to be.

Honestly,the creator created women in such a way that their mode of thinking is quite unique from how men think. Probably,it could be because they are very ‘special’.

Here is one funny quote you definitely will laugh over,again and again”A jealous woman does better research more than the FBI”. She could scrutinize her boyfriend’s room to see if she would find any hair different from hers,then she knows a different girl had been there when she left.LOL

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Here are some five things every woman wants,which still remains a mystery to men.

#1. The first is that,every women wants to be pampered;no matter the status of the woman,she always wants to be pampered. Even if she is the strongest woman you know,sther is this part of her that wants to be pampered by a man. This is one thing most men do not seem to unveil since we know pampering is primarily for kids and these fully grown women want it soo bad.


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