5 Shocking Things That Happened At Miss Malaika Ghana 2016 Finals.

Just  like most events in Ghana,the grand finale of Miss Malaika which was held at the National Theatre had some shocking/hilarious moments.

The 10 finalists exhibited their talents and intellects on the night to prove they deserve to be Miss Malaika 2016.

On the night,some hilarious things happened and i thought i should just share a few with you.

1. The first runner up,Edem,after being crowned was very excited that her crown fell from her head twice which she hurriedly took from the floor.It’s only in Ghana that a queen’s crown will fall twice on stage..maybe the crown was made from ‘Alumi’?

2. The shocking news which came to most people was crowning Leah as queen. Most of the audience then started to curse the organizers.You know how a typical Ghanaian will curse you for giving an unexpected result right? You can just imagine all the gods they will call on you.?

3. The 2nd runner up Delsy and her team,even jubilated more than the winner when they stepped out of the main auditorium. They started chanting her name with praise songs so inquisitively,i wanted to know if it was actually the winner who was getting all those chants.To my surprise,it was the 3rd person and her team who took over the National theatre as if she had won FIFA world cup.I wandered what they would have done had she won the ultimate prize.*Lol*

4. As Leah walked to take pictures with her newly presented car as queen,supporters of the other delegates who she beat to win the crown started their insults. Some really went hard on her and it was just funny. Most people thought she didn’t deserve to win. Just imagine how some Ghanaian girls will insult someone they thought didn’t deserve the crown but won it over their favorite contestant. Some even said the car which was given as a prize was ‘China’ and that they have better cars at home..can you just imagine? Some Gh girls can talk.??

5. The other 7 contestants were soo heartbroken that i didn’t even see the shadow of one to congratulate the winner as  her car was being presented to her. It was quite shocking as i thought they had been rushed to Ridge or 37 Military hospital for immediate heart check as their hopes of winning Miss Malaika 2016 came to an end .lol

But then in all,it was a great experience and the best person won.



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