5 Strong Reasons Why The NDC Feels They Have Been Robbed In Broad Day Light In 2020 Polls

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by its flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has stated that they won’t accept this year’s presidential result which they described vehemently as ‘fictionalized.’

In a televised press conference which was held at the NDC headquarters in Accra on Thursday, December 10, 2020, Mr. Mahama clearly provided evidence that shows the NDC won the 2020 polls and the fact that the party forms a majority in parliament with 140 seats.

Mahama also said the party will take all legitimate steps to reverse the fraudulent result to avoid this strange travesty of justice. In the cause of his speech, a minute silence was held for all NDC supporters who were killed while challenging EC officials when they tried stealing some of the votes.

The Returning officer of the 2020 Presidential election, Madam Jean Mensa in announcing the results on December 9, 2020, said the NPP’s Nana Akufo Addo obtained 6,730,413 which represents 51.49% as against Mahama’s 6,214,889  being 47.366%.

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Let’s take a close look at why the NDC has refused to assimilate the results as announced by Jean Mensa.

  1. NDC Won in 9 regions out of 16

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Clearly having led in nine regions out of 16, it baffles the layman that the NDC has been declared losers in the just ended election. Although we agree the margins of wins in all the regions against the NPP is the determining factor, the NDC strongly believes the majority of Ghanaians want to change which reflected in the pattern of the vote.

2. NPP used soldiers to intimidate NDC and influence the counting of the votes in some key areas

This is one of the salient points the NDC has raised and it’s legitimate as we also thought it’s weird to see soldiers been deployed for elections when we are not in a war zone.

“You cannot use the military to try and overturn some of the results in constituencies that we have won. We will resist any attempts to subvert the sovereign will of the Ghanaian people,” Mahama had said in one of the many NDC’s press briefings.

3. NDC claims they have won the majority in power

Indeed, the massive ‘beatings’ NDC MPs gave to their NPP counterparts as they ‘flipped’ most of their seats, almost 31 of them- has given the NDC a firm belief that that equally translated in the presidential results as well. On the bases of the foregoing, the NDC says they won a working majority of 140 seats but the EC stole the people’s verdict by saying they only managed 136 as against NPP’s 137- which in itself the closest we have ever seen in the history of Ghana’s election.

4. EC’s decision to announce the election result within 24-hrs

Ghana Election 2020: EC releases the official number of parliamentary seats won by both NPP and NDC
Ghana Election 2020: EC releases the official number of parliamentary seats won by both NPP and NDC

Jean Mensa stunned Ghanaians when she readied to declare the result within 24-after the polls were held on December 7, 2020, which was the first of its kind and against the backdrop that results of a lot of constituencies have not been declared. This gave the NDC impression that the EC is blatantly working towards stealing the result in favour of the NPP.

The commission however made a quick u-turn to extend their timeline saying; ‘The commission has continually reiterated that transparency, integrity, and fairness are the yardstick by which it conducted the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections. As such, to ensure that the declared presidential results are 100 percent accurate and reflective of the will of the people, the commission entreats the public and all stakeholders to exercise patience as the collation process continues in the presence of political party agents and the election of observers.’

5. Ashanti Region was rigged

The main blow to the NDC was the result from the Ashanti Region of Ghana which saw the NPP putting a huge gap between themselves and their rival. They argued the figures were padded through a lot of diabolical schemes at the blind side of the NDC at the polling stations. And with the Ashanti Region being the ‘world bank’ of the NPP, the NDC’s concern is very legitimate.















































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