5 Things That Actually Causes Breakups In Most Relationships

Relationships are lovely but then,no one would ever wish to enter into one with the mindset of breaking up after sometime. Certain things get in the way which complicate things and then the breakup saga starts to set in.

Even though every human possess different characters,some people may be able to condone the character of the partner whiles others may find it very difficult to. Most times,love alone is not the only pillar which holds the relationship on it feet; certain factors like trust,respect,understanding each other, accepting each other’s flaws and differences,believing in each other’s ambitions,setting goals for your relationship and several others contribute greatly to sustaining a relationship.

Here are some 5 things which actually cause breakups in most relationships.

#1. Anger

Oh yes,anger causes lots of breakups in our everyday relationships with others. When one or both parties get angry over a particular thing or issue,it could lead to exchange of words which may contain very offensive and piercing words,then breakup sets in.  Probably one party might not be mindful of what he or she said but due to anger, the worst is said and then a lovely relationship just ends quickly out of the blue.

#2. Lies

In a relationship where lies prevail,it definitely ends abruptly. No one would want to be taken for a fool and so for that reason,when one party finds out that the partner is or has been lying,they have no option than to call it a quit. One thing about a good relationship is keeping no secret and opening up to each other in all aspects.

#3. Lack of respect

Respect is reciprocal in our everyday lives,most especially in relationships. In one which lacks respect,that relationship is bound to fail since both partners do not have the other’s interest at heart and then go extra mile to do things they want without thinking of how the partner will feel. Respect is very instrumental in every relationship and shouldn’t be taken for granted regardless the age differences or any other factor.

#4. Too much expectations from both parties

Truthfully, this causes most relationships to fail. When both parties expect so much from their partners,it brings problems since human wants are unlimited. Even from the beginning,both parties must get to understand that humans  change as time goes on and they are not to expect the same things or actions from the partner. Should time change and situations change,both parties must endure and strive through the times but in most cases,one party gets to back out to look else where because the expectations were not met.

#5. Ego

When both parties start making their ego take charge in the relationship,it then makes it a bit complicated and then things start to fall apart. One virtue which keeps a relationship moving is submission by both parties,especially on the part of the lady.  No matter the lady’s status,the  man expects her to be submissive,which doesn’t make him better but that alone shows what good wife material you are made of. At least apologizing to each other and taking blames to make situations better is all that  keeps a relationship going. Probably,one party should look like the ‘fool’ to avoid so many problems and a break up.

Guess you agree with me on these 5 things which cause breakups in most relationships?  Add more and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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