Has anyone ever told you how silly you look on Facebook, as a result of the way you interact with people? Well, you might not know, because, you just don’t know. Here are 5 things you should stop doing on Facebook.

1. Commenting and liking pictures of every girl: Yes, i know, you might not see anything wrong with this. It is bad to be liking the pictures of every girl you see on Facebook, especially when you don’t know them, they don’t reply your messages. And you go like, you are beautiful, you are sweet, i wish you are my girlfriend. Dude, some peeps will be reading your comments and the girl even does not care about you. If you don’t know them, comment less, and comment only when necessary.

2. Posting your problems: Do you think people really care about the kind of problems you go through. Posting that, you are hungry, that you are broke, you need money and all that will make people laugh at you. Perhaps, if you happen to be a lady, some guys will give you positive comments, just because they are lusting for you. NEVER post your problems on Facebook, you will end up in the next Gossip Crusade.

3. Uploading a picture kissing your partner: People think it’s soo cool, to post pictures of themselves, kissing their partner on Facebook. They say love is blind, and that statement is sooo true. Yes, we know you love yourself, but if you are not married, never post such a picture. You may want to make someone jealous because your boyfriend or girlfriend is cute, come on, someone is saving that image, and will use it to haunt you in the future, especially if you don’t end up with the person in the picture.

4. Insulting someone right on your timeline: What do you take facebook for? Some medium to make people feel bad. The fact that someone mad you feel bad or annoyed you, does not mean, you should take it out on them on your timeline. Calling someone bi*tch, idiot and all that is not cool. I believe you are well mannered, you are too big for that, so just put a stop to that ok.

5.Being arrogant: Yes, people are going to hate me for this. Facebook is a social network, and you chose to join it. You decide who should be in your network, so why would you not reply to messages people send you? Why are you some mega celebrity, that you receive 10,000 messages daily. Some people sometimes just want to talk to someone, and as human as you are, you should reply their message, you don’t know what they want to talk about, perhaps, you could even be stopping a suicide attempt, you never know. If at any point in time, you find someone irritating, kindly tell them, and if they still don’t change, then you can block them. Make sure you only accept invites from people you know or only people you want to know. it’s bad not to reply people’s messages. Let’s learn to be  friendly on Social Media.

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