58-year-old twins married to cousins from same village reveal why they can never be separated

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Like many sets of identical twins, Alice and Jane Muga are so in love with one each that the idea of being separated is something they don’t tolerate at all.

According to their mother, Alice is five minutes older than the more quiet Jane, who was the family’s newborn.

“Our mum had a hard time; she used to hire two house helps for us. If one of us got sick the other got sick as well. They had to ensure everything was the same when we were growing up,” Alice told Eve Mungai on her YouTube Channel.

While their mother was good at differentiating Alice and Jane, their father couldn’t.

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“They don’t spend most of their time with the children,” said Jane.

As kids, the two were inseparable; they went to the same school and would always get the same marks. When they got.

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Their dad thought needed to be independent of each other and took them to different schools.

“He regretted it because I would get sick many times just to see her,” said Jane.

“We were used to doing things together, revising together and now we were separated and taken to different schools with different subjects. It was torture,” she added.

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The two later joined the same institution of higher learning and later got jobs in the same hospital.

Alice met a dashing man and the two got married, little did she know that her sister would also get married into his family.

Alice and Jane are married to cousins

“We are married to cousins; Although separated in the evenings we spend the days together since we work in the same institution,” said Alice.

Jane’s husband is late but when he was alive they used to play tricks on the husbands who found it hard to tell them apart.

Alice and Jane are both 58 years old but up to now they still dress in the same clothes.

“We were brought up wearing the same clothes so it is in us. Like if I go somewhere and see the same things I will buy one for my sister as well,” said Alice.

Information from TUKO.co.ke was also used in this report.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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