Why Wisa Greid Showed His D*ck At ‘December 2 Remember’ Concert

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Wisa Greid is one of the youngest artistes who elevated in the year 2015, making waves with his single ‘Ekiki Mi’ featuring Luther.

The song has gained the love of many Ghanaians that the country’s finest rapper Sarkodie, fell in love with it.Thus,confessing  it was dope and accepted to do a remix of the song after a couple of tweets between himself, his fans and Wisa Greid.

Remixes are supposed to make songs more lovely,some Ghanaians think the remix which featured Sarkodie did not match up to what they expected and that the original song was nicer than the remix.

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Every music lover would love to see Wisa perform his banger on every stage he finds himself on. It was not different at this year’s ‘December 2 Remember’ organized by Citi Fm and Airtel Ghana .

Something unexpected happened at the dying minutes of Wisa’s performance which got everyone taking to twitter to vent their anger on the artiste;he took his shirt off,lowered his pair of jeans and brought out his d*ck. Everyone was suprised as he could do that on that big platform. Some of us might have considered his action if his pen*s were a little bigger, since he wanted the whole world to see the ‘load’ he carries in between his tighs.

Well,every action has its reasons,but I personally think he did it under the influence of drugs. To him,it might be a planned thing to help him gain more fame since he will be the talk of the country. .

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We at Ghbase.com thinks that such indecent behaviour shoudn’t be condoned and the leaders in the entertainment industry should take immediate actions.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see if this action could ruin his career or not,but next time,Wisa should be more careful.

Watch video of Wisa taking out his tiny pen*is on stage

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