Chris Handler: The Top 5 Movies From Ghana’s Box Office In 2015

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2015 is certainly over and that year saw several movies released from Kumawood and also Ghallywood. I am a movie freak and I like to talk about them. The other time, I told you guys I was going to bring you the list of the top 5 Ghanaian movies released in 2015 and jus as I promised, I have brought you the list.

It’s been such a difficult task compiling the list because producers don’t want to disclose how much they make from each movie. The main reason I gather is because, they just don’t want anyone to know whether they are making profits or not. No producer wants his/her follow producer to know how much, they are making.

I was determined to know which movies made it big in the box office last year. I would like to state that, this list does not include movies that were not premiered at the Silverbirds. Therefore, this list of the top five movies in 2015 has been drawn based on Silverbird premieres only. I was able to compile the list after speaking to Silverbird reps at both the Accra Mall and West Hills mall, who reluctantly gave me the data I was looking for because, they sell the tickets and are able to tell which movies had successful premieres and which ones did not.

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So before I tell you about the top five movies in 2015,  I want you to know about all of the movies that were premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas in 2015. Silver Rain, Pieces Of Me,  If Tomorrow Never Comes, I do, Kalybos in China, Last Night, Cartel, Anniversary, Grey Dawn, S*x Tape, and Made In Agege were the movies, that were premiered last year at the Silverbird Cinemas.

I did not include Interception because it was not premiered at Silverbirds plus that of Nana Means King and Beasts Of No Nation for obvious reasons. I did not also add how much each movie made last year because it seems every producer does not want those figures out there, but soon, I will go ahead and publish them anyways. At least, we have an idea of how much, the movie “Kalybos In China” made because the producer exclusively gave me the figures. You can read about it here: Chris Handler:This Is How Much It Cost To Make “Kalybos In China” Plus How Much Profit They Made

So, here’s the list of the top five movies in 2015. These movies were the top 5 in 2015 in rank order.

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1.I Do: This was obviously the biggest movie in Ghana last year. It  broke cinema records. The producers had a great marketing strategy and involved more bloggers in promoting the movie aside, their radio and television promos. All of the celebrities featured in the movie were present at the red carpet and they dazzled everyone. I Do was produced by Kafui Danku.

2. Kalybos In China: The first ever movie to come from “Boys Kasa” The success of this movie was predictable as people had fallen in love with Kalybos and his Patri. Everyone wanted to know what their movie was like. Older people even came to see this movie. They chose a perfect date to premiere the movie which added up to the success of the movie.

3.Silver Rain: This movie had a compelling storyline and was the 3rd biggest movie last year. 

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4.If Tomorrow Never Comes: Now this was an excruciating movie. You could almost cry if you watch it. We all expected this movie to be number 1 but it’s premier date was very bad. Poor timing affected the sales of this movie.

5.Grey Dawn: This movie was premiered sometime in February by Shirley Frimpong Manso. We all know Shirley’s movies are great but it had low attendance. So it falls on number 5. 

What do you think about the list? Drop your comments below or send me an email In my next article, I would  want to talk about how much it cost to make a movie in Ghana. If you can make any contributions, I would really appreciate.


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