14 Reasons Why That Ex Keeps Sending You Messages

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When you love someone so much, it’s really tough to try and get over them. I remember the first time a girl ever broke up with me, I felt, I couldn’t live again. Damn, I loved this girl so much that, there was one time, I knew I loved her more than my own mother but when someone says they don’t want to date you again you just have to move on.

When you break up with someone, you wouldn’t expect to hear from them, not even a tex message or a whatsapp message Sometimes, it’s really annoying to get a text message from your ex and they make moving on becomes really difficult.

But then, there are reasons, why your ex is still texting you. Ghbase.com shares with  you 15 reasons why your ex is still texting you. Please use our next buttons to run through the list.

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#1 They do it out of habit. Yeah, there are times waking up and texting or what sapping you a “good morning” is a habit they just can’t let go.


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