Sarkodie Promises His Fans This One Thing. Check It Out

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It’s about time our Ghanaian acts sell our products to the world in addition to their arts since the are the country’s ambassadors.One person who is very good at that is Fuse ODG who portrays the African culture in almost all his videos as he sells his brand to the world too.

It’s very rare to see any other big act from Ghana put on African outfits either on local stages or international ones. The farther some of them go is to hoist the Ghanaian flag high during their performances but I personally think that is not enough.

One artiste most people in Ghana admire soo much is Sarkodie but he is rarely seen wearing African outfits on or off-stage.

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For a great show-stopper like Sarkodie,he could help push the African brand to the world since he is the biggest artiste in Ghana currently and performs on most international platforms.

I know for sure those whites love african prints and about 90% of them purchase these products when they visit Ghana.

Sarkodie could sell Ghana to them not just through his music but through such products by wearing them and encouraging people to do same on his hugely followed social media pages.

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Most people who love his music also love everything about him.Someone loves him to the extent that he/she would want to use exact things Sarkodie uses.The fact that Sarkodie wears an african print could make one fall in love with it,thus making the person eager to own one and then it all starts from there.

Some people would only want to come to Ghana to see variety of such products their favorite artiste loves and then could possibly make lots of purchases for family and friends.

All these promotes our tourism in this country and it helps the nation grow.

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Sarkodie took to his facebook wall yesterday January 15 to interact with his fans.He posted 4 different photos of him and asked which one of them best fits him.

Anyway,the good news was that,Sarkodie replied to a comment I made about wearing an african outfit since I have never seen him in that.He assured in his reply he would start to put on African outfits soon as a sign of patronizing and selling our brands to the world. We just can’t wait for others to do same for our motherland.Check out the post below:


Sarkodie will perform at his first headline show in the UK at the O2 Indigo  on March 11. Go grab your tickets to witness another “History In The Making”.

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