Is Shatta Wale Being Honest About Changing OR It’s All About Getting To BET With VGMA?

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Shata Wale recently filed entry for nominations for the upcoming 2016 VGMA’s which has sent the entire music industry into a tumult over whether he deserves to be part of the annual prestigious accolade.

Many have taken to social media to express their obtuse opinion on the matter. For Shata Wale to make a complete overturn after referring the VGMA’s as a “season for hungry artists” is mind-boggling even for the self-acclaimed Dancehall King.


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Shata Wale is undoubtedly enjoying a streak of unlimited air-play of his songs. His hit single Kakai is admonished and virtually played everywhere. The numbers speak for itself; from the offices to political talks to fun-fairs and even on the street, the term kakai has become a symbol of regular discussions.

After partying ways with former manager Bulldog, Shata Wale seems to have re-invented himself; his recent performance at the CAF awards serves as reference for his new-found aligned demeanor. Shata Wale is now corporate, has a new team and is beginning to sound professional in his dealings especially with the media.

He was not part of the 2015 VGMA’s due to his public feud with Charter House which rattled on to court and is yet to be settled. The board in charge of VGMA nominations is tasked with a difficult decision as to where to place Shata Wale after his entry.

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Of course a lot of factors must be considered in making these decisions regardless the public opinion on the subject matter. Shata Wale’s incessant attacks on Charter House were foolish, irresponsible and mindlessly offensive expressions of privilege.

But there’s a risk that can cause anger to escalate and it’s nobody’s place to decide who is to get angry. In all cases, the issue at hand is extremely sensitive to a cause, relating to defamatory harm inflicted on brands and groups of people. Already, a brigade of Shata Wale fans has aligned a distortion on main sponsors Vodafone threatening to offload their services should the board refuse to grant Shata Wale entry.

Choosing such a pattern to enforce the organizers in their decision or judgment is like Hitler passing judgment on how World War 2 should have been avoided- it is insensitive and not going to help Shata Wale’s course.

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It is inevitable that Charter House accord Shata Wale a chance to the VGMA’s but it must be prerogative and come with alternatives. There must be a line between public opinions, constructive criticisms and character judgement.

Shata Wale must render an official apology to Charter House. If possible, he should be fined with a subtle amount of money to serve as deterrent in a way to avoid this kind of comfortable bubble enjoyed by musicians. They have a responsibility to consider who their words might hurt, and their community to deal with that hurt in a way that will minimize it in the future.

Shata Wale cannot afford to miss out on the VGMA’s in a year that promises to be his redemption and an opportunity to resolve his personality disdains. Shata Wale needs VGMA’s to cement a place for a stellar year and many have already stalked his chances of winning the ultimate- artist of the year.


Shata Wale’s fued with Charter House took another turn when he missed out in the 2015 BET Awards. A fan famously penned a scathing letter making accusations towards Charter House insisting their alterations had something to do with their Dancehall king not earning a nomination in the BET best African act category. Former manager Bulldog added more fuel to fire by lashing out critics and urging fans to forget about BET. In a statement on his Facebook page, he added “……… BET awards are not for Africans. #simplyput”.

It didn’t end there, Africa’s own MTV awards was among the unnecessary indulgence tagged with Shata Wale. Immediately after the awards, he tweeted a redundant post directed at Stonebwoy who made the nominations for best new artist but lost out to Patoranking. “Some Ghanaians are too popular in America not Africa lol” was the subliminal jibe he threw at the BET award winner. Some of these statement could possibly come back to hunt Shata Wale who used to say “me no need no award”.

Perhaps the best decision he made was splitting ways with Bulldog who seemed to be inciting the 2014 VGMA artist of the year.

The BET and MTV award regardless it’s controversies adds a unique ingredient to the brand of artist. Artists get to hop on several dealings in the industry and also attract lucrative contract from other corporate brands.

2016 could be a year of redemption or repulse for Shata Wale but let’s hope the former outwit the latter.

NB: This Post was written by Redeemer Frequency

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