10 Secret Confessions Ghanaian Girls Keep About Their Relationship

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Everyone has a secret that they wouldn’t let anyone know. The best way to keep a secret is to keep it to yourself. Your Favorite Entertainment Blog wanted to know some of the secrets girls have been keeping about their relationships.

So we spoke to some girls to let us in on some of the secrets  about their relationships, they wouldn’t want anyone to know. We promised them, we wouldn’t publish their names or secrets. So it’s just between us and them.

Most of them were reluctant in the beginning but eventually spilled it to us. So read through and drop your comments in the comment section. Use the next buttons to run through them.

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#1. I have two boyfriends who don’t know about each other. Each one of them thinks, I love him but I don’t love any of them an inch, just using them to get what I want. 


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