Bisa Kdei’s Signed Artiste, Sista Afia Gives Us Some Intense Relationship Tips

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Love is a beautiful thing especially with the right person.Regarless your past experiences in relationships,one could still fall in love over  again even after you promise yourself you wouldnt ever fall for anyone.

Highlife artiste Sista Afia who is signed under Bisa Kdei’s Black Legendary Music,took to her wall to educate us some very keen relationship tips. Below is what she wrote:

Lets Talk About Love – Everyone Has The Chance To Enjoy True Love, Only If They Go For It.

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Mutual feelings and understanding each other are the two basic things to spice up any relationship. Tho there are other things needed to make love work, having just these two basic ingredients automatically tell others love exists. But, even before the application of these basic things, there needs to be a perfect match for these things to take effect.

Sometimes, without getting your perfect match, you end up falling in love with the wrong person. Other times also, you think you just want to have a one night stand with a random person who will later on end up being the one you are so much in love with.

This means, that random person you saw somewhere is somewhat that perfect match for you and its left for him/her to respond back in that positive way. In some cases, they both end up falling in love but, most at times, it isn’t always common or that easy to get that positive response from someone who doesn’t feel for you and its normal if you let it go, just that it becomes an everlasting wound in your heart that only him/her can heal.

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Well, after you keep trying for some time and you see it isn’t going the way you want it to, clearly, you are going to give up and will be convinced to move on without him/her.

Again, it isn’t going to be easy. Truth is, you will meet other partners on the way but anytime you think of, or see that previous partner, the feeling is always going to be different. There are some guys who boast about being rock-hearted and keep saying they can never fall in love.

Well, its because they have never met that lady who will pin them to the wall. True love is very strong that no man can fight that easily. Even when everyone thinks its that time to say bye-bye to each other, you still find a way to make things right. Love, when with the right person is very beautiful, fun and a blessing from above. However, if you don’t go for who you want, you will never be lucky in the department of love…

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