Bisa Kdei Eyes A New ‘Toy’. Check Out What It Actually Is

There used to be a time where people value their assets since they really strived to get them. These days,some celebrities do not really value certain assets as they see it to be one of those things they could get on a normal day.

Most of them now refer to their luxurious cars as “toys”. It sounds interesting though but to someone who finds it difficult affording a daily meal,its kind of strange.

The person could ask himself, “If someone could refer to an automobile which costs huge some of money that could change my life a toy,how fair is this world”?
Anyway, that has been the order of the day. They might refer to it as a toy due to various reasons,best known to them.

King of contemporary highlife Bisa Kdei has worked tirelessly in this past few years and he needs to enjoy the fruit of his labour. he is already living good hence, eyes a new ‘toy’.

He wants to add one more to his garage at home.

This time,it is a Range Rover. Bisa has a picture of this range rover on his laptop and has applied that same picture as his desktop wallpaper.

Yesterday,Bisa snapped a picture of a Range Rover and captioned it “next”,which means thats what he dreams to buy soon.

I surely will go for a ride with Bisa when he buys his new Range Rover in some few days.
You should holla at Bisa and I when you see us driving in town for a lift.

Check  screenshots of the range rover below:

imageOur next ‘toy’.I mean Bisa and I. Lol


imageHe is really determined.Seen the range Rover as his desktop wallpaper??



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