‘Shatta Movement Were The Brain Behind The Donation & Financed It’- Jordan Alpha Changes His Mind

Ghbase.com broke the news that Shatta Wale was not indeed the one who donated those items to the Police Hospital yesterday but had taken credit for that when all he did was just to be at the donation ceremony as a special guest.

But now  it turns, out things have turned out differently. The head of the Living Saints Ministry, Jordan Alpha has refuted that claim by Ghbase.com stating that, the whole donation ceremony was masterminded by Shatta Wale and His Movement  and that Shatta Wale was the one who financed the whole thing. 

In a Facebook Post, Jordan Alpha wrote

I would want to apologize to the general public and all L.S.M members if I might have sent the wrong signal to them concerning the donation at the hospital….. I personally confirm that SHATTA MOVEMENT were the brain and financed the donation…at the children ward at the police hospital… dont know how the signals went out wrongly but it not too late to push the truth…. Big ups to SHATTA MOVEMENT. #‎SAINTALPHA

We cannot explain the sudden refutal by Jordan, when he had initially suggested that, Shatta Wale was not the one who made the donations. Read our earlier post to get the import of our argument here: Shatta Wale Exposed, He Didn’t Make Any Donation &  Yet Taking All The Gratitude?

A close source has hinted Ghbase.com that  Jordan, who is also a man of God doesn’t want the issue to become a bone of contention between his NGO, LSM and Shatta and has thus decided to let the public know all was masterminded by Shatta Wale, even when in reality that is not the real case.

We gathered that, a man who’s name has been withheld and a very close friend of Shatta Wale made a larger sum of the donation and asked that, Shatta Wale be used as an icon for the donation, because he has a huge fan base.  The man who is a close friend of Shatta is also  a member of the Shatta movement, so then it makes sense for anyone to claim, the donation was by Shatta Movement as mentioned by Jordan Alpha in his own post.

We are a neutral media outfit and do not have anything against Shatta Wale, we just did our job. We do understand the fans of Shatta Wale are really angry with us and that is understandable. We would like to state that, we did not put a false story initially. We cross checked with our sources before publishing that story.

If the head of the Living Saint Ministry has decided to say otherwise, we can just best assume, he’s settled any misunderstanding and we willingly respect that.

We are still making follow ups on this story to bring you more details. As indicated by Shatta Wale himself in his Facebook post, he intends to do be doing more of such donations in this year. If we are invited, we would bring you updates on that.

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