This Is What Women Want From Men From A Real Woman’s Perspective

Lots of ‘real’ men groan when it comes to what we really want. They are as clueless as the harmattan that puzzled weather forecasters this year. The vast difference between men and women are also present within the scope of emotionality.

Men’s ego and to some extent bossy attitude in our sphere make them disregard certain aspects of our life that make us more vulnerable to emptiness and a sense of hollowness.

Women really don’t need much from men. A woman needs a man who understands her emotional mechanism so as to explore it to maximize her self-esteem.

Even with sex related issues, men still fumble and find no time to study our sexuality. All they want is to satisfy themselves, their ego and their sense of pride. It is high time men realized we are humans, in fact we are their prototype, and hence what suit them equally suit us.

We want unconditional love, happy marriage, respect, understanding and above all security. These qualities vary from woman to woman but by and large the aforementioned traits encompass the core of what we crave for from our male counterparts. Some women will prefer a man who can bonk the hell out of them, whilst others prefer men who demand less of sex.

Men often complained about the fact the feminine species is hard to decipher. Yes, we are very complex but that analogy is largely blamable on men and the way they treat us. Women want to be treated like queens that we are but most often men feigned this in a bid to get something return, ostensibly sex. Why should sex cloud men’s line of thinking when dealing with women?

We want a man who spends time with us; take up some of the household chores and possibly change diapers. Doing this doesn’t reduce you to a wimp as the stereotype spell out. Washing our panty is romantic, please help us do that. Majority of us want our meals served in bed. We want candlelight and some flowers to increase the romantic ambience. A vacation to somewhere pleasant, not necessarily exorbitant can spark something intense in us.

Some men fret by our financial status. Never be afraid in this regard. Money doesn’t mean anything. We don’t intend to take a man’s position as the head of the family. We want the man to take the lead but get our input.

I particularly want a man who can literally protect me like the super heroes do in blockbuster movies. Protection from physical harm is paramount to me and lots of my woman folks.

We have been abused physically and emotionally for far too long. Some men who espouse this animalistic behaviour tell us in the face that if we want the telenovela kind of love, then we should go to Mexico or Columbia.

And to my fellow women who depend on men for virtually all their needs, never blame them when they want you to reciprocate with sex.



Ghbase Staff
Ghbase Staff
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