BREAKING NEWS: Criss Waddle Calls Shatta Wale A Serious Sellout & Challenges Him To A Fight

Let’s say, we never expected this to happen but it’s happened. It appears, Criss Waddle has started a fresh feud with Shatta Wale and it’s very very very UGLY!

You would know by now that, there is a new song titled “Bie Gya” which Criss Waddle featured Stonebwoy on and was released some few days ago. Apparently, Shatta Wale also released a song titled “Bie Gya” before the official release of Criss Waddle and Stone Bwoy’s own.

When the song was finally released by Waddle, lots of Social Media commentators teased him, that he copied Shatta Wale, especially the Shatta Wale fans.

It would be recalled that, when Shatta Wale had an issue with Charter House, Criss Waddle, was one artiste who stood with him and fought Charter House with him.

Now, Criss Waddle, has revealed in a new video, he posted on Facebook that, he was the one who owned the the song “Bie Gya” but when Shatta Wale, heard it, he rushed to make a beat and managed to release his song before their release.

In the video, Criss Waddle who looked very angry called Shatta Wale a serious sellout. In the video, Criss Waddle calls Wale a deceptive and that was the reason why the Ghana Police couldn’t arrest Bull Dog, when he mentioned that Bull had threatened to kill him like the other guy.

“Go and check Facebook, Stonebowy has almost a million followers and you have just around 100,000 and yet you call yourself a dancehall king”

“As for me, am not Samini, that your Juju life, you go and do something so someone won’t shine” Waddle revealed

“Because of you Charter House banned me but that’s not my worry because I believe we were all fighting for the good of musicians that are yet to come”

“If you are a real gangster, meet me one on one, don’t come with anybody and I will break your bone, or that your mouth, ago make e make EXTRA BIG, ago punch am”

Let’s not kill the fun, watch the full video below:


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