OMG! Atom’s “Y3 Wo Krom” Has Gone Global As It Was Played At Apple’s WWDC Event | WATCH

Take  it or leave! Atom’s 2015 hit song has crossed the international borders as it was played at Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco yesterday.

Apple showcased to developers around the world who had come to Apple’s annual WWDC event the major updates it’s done on it’s services and new products they will be introducing on the market.

Now during the presentation on the updates made in Apple Music, Atom’s “Y3 Wo Krom” was played at the event. The girl who did the presentation said;

“Since we coming to the end here, I will like to do something a little bit different and play something for the world. Let’s play some world hits, see what’ve got. Now that sounds like the beginning to some good Ghanaian highlife music…”

Now that’s some eish men. We suspect the girl is Ghanaian tho. She just made Gh music heard.

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