5 Ghanaian Male Celebs That Most Ladies Crush On

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It’s a nice feeling to be a star and it’s a nicer feeling for several people to crush on you as a star. Mostly,looks come first before any other thing. Appearance and how well the body is built is also a factor. Certain times,the way the celeb carries him/herself and also excels in his/her profession is also another contributing factor to several people crushing on them.

There are several lovely Ghanaian male celebs who have won the hearts of many ladies both locally and internationally. Some of these ladies are ready to go extra mile just to spend a night with them or be in their arms for just an hour.*fact*

Some of these ladies are carried away by the masculine stature of these celebs and wish they had them as boyfriends or even,s*x mates. Truth be told,we like what these male celebs do and we mostly like them for who they really are,but these ladies shouldn’t go the extra mile.

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I for one,my girlfriend crushes on no male celeb except me. I am her only male celeb and the only one she crushes on. Honestly,I find it weird when I go to events and see all these young ladies scream the names of our male celebs as if they had won a million dollar lottery.*LOL*

A personal experience was when I went for a movie premiere recently and these young girls saw this fine actor(name withheld).They screamed on top of their voices and even pushed those who stood in their way just to take a selfie with this actor. It looked bizarre  since they can make their boyfriends their celebs and crush on them everyday.

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Anyway,check out the list of these 5 Ghanaian male celebs who make our ladies go gaga upon seeing them.They just love them to the brim.Some of these young ladies could curse you if you prevent them from taking a selfie with their celeb crush or say something offensive about them.

#1 Majid Michel

Majid Michel

Ghana’s finest actor.Ladies just love him. Most of these young ladies crush on him everyday.Just go through their Instagram accounts and you will see his pictures paraded there. He is good at what he does and always delivers to expectation. Majid always looks good no matter the occasion.

#2 John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Hmmm..I don’t even know how to describe this gentleman. He’s Ghana’s most followed male celeb on Facebook and Instagram. The love ladies show to this dude is just unimaginable. “You cant think far;you can’t think madness”(in Lil Win’s Voice) His masculine stature got all the ladies falling for him.

#3 Pappy Kojo


The Fante Van Damme. Most ladies crush on this dude too. He is simple and good looking. He always has his swag on point. I remember one girl telling me she crushes on Pappy because he has nice teeth and kissable lips. Another told me she crushes on him because of his dreadlocks and also how shy he is. *Hmmm asem oo*

#4 Jose Tolbert

Jose Tolbert

This young man just popped from nowhere to steal most of our ladies’ hearts. He is too fine.Even most female celebs crush on this guy. If you make lose,he will use his fine boy things to win your girl.*wink*

#5 Adjetey Annan

Adjetey Annan

Honestly, Adjetey is one of the finest actors I have ever come across.His compusure,humility and versatility has sustained him to the level at which he still finds himself. Most ladies just crush on Adjetey because of his superb acting skills.

Who amongst these five men do ladies crush on most? Or who amongst them shouldn’t have made it to this list? Drop your comments and let’s get interactive.

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