Benedicta Gafah: I Didn’t Sleep With Any Married Man

Benedicta gafah

Reports have been circulating several blogs that, the beautiful Kumawood actress admitted sleeping with a married man in the past. Interestingly, the story was first published in 2013 by News One in which the actress was said to have disclosed that, she had sex several times with a married man but didn’t know the man was married and decided to end the relationship the moment she discovered the man was a married man.

“I didn’t know he was married with two kids, and even though we had sex several times, I quit the relationship because I can’t marry a man who is already married to someone else,” Benedicta told NEWS-ONE.

Now the actress claims the said publication was false and she never said anything like that in the interview which she granted some 3 years ago.

Benedicta gafah

Speaking to the publicist for Benedicta Gaffah, Eugene Nyavor disclosed that, Benedicta is very much surprised as to why someone would make up such a story about her, when she’s not said anything like that.

He revealed to that, Benedicta Gaffah has reasons to believe that, some one just wants to tarnish her image and that the report should be disregarded as it’s not true.

” I guess it’s one of those things that happens. My client never slept with any married man as  reports indicate and it’s sad people are spreading such rumors about her. She’s an amazing and beautiful actress and is in a beautiful relationship now with someone who loves and adores her. Nothing like that happened” her publicist told




Benedicta Gafah  is known for movies such as Mirror Girl, Kweku Saman, Adoma, Agyanka Ba, Azonto Ghost, Poposipopo, Ewiase Ahenie, April Fool, Agya Koo Azonto, Devils Voice and Odo Asa. She was also the lead character in Bisa Kdei’s  “Mansa” music video.


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