5 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Feel Kinda Bossy

It’s sometimes surprising how some female celebrities act all bossy these days because of some ‘coins’ in their bank accounts or how people hail them which makes their heads swell up.

They probably might have forgotten that those same people they act bossy on were the same people who helped them get to the position they find themselves in currently.

I keep wandering what at all some of these people have achieved hence acting all up that way.  In life,there is a principle; humble yourself and God will lift you up to the highest heights.

Fact is that,some of these ladies used to be very friendly and humble but after their so-called stardom  shot up,they see every one else to be kind of inferior and always act bossy. They could fake smiles around people but from their reactions,it could be seen clearly that those smiles aren’t genuine.

#1. Lydia Forson

  1. LydiaForsonLydia always acts bossy but hey,she’s a good actress and you can’t take that from her. Most people feel she should go the cool way than acting all bossy especially at events.


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