9 deadly secrets reveled by Apostle Johnson Suleman’s rumored lover, Kimora

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Stephanie Otobo, reputed girlfriend of Apostle Johnson Suleman, reveals facts of their connection.

After being released from Kirikiri Prisons, Kimora, a Nigerian stripper living in Canada, revealed some shocking information about the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide.

 Here are nine shocking things she said about their affair.

  1. Stephanie Otobo says his manhood is average:Well…it’s not very small, it’s an average size,” Ms. Otobo said.
  2. She says Apostle Suleiman sent her lots of money: According to her, ApostleSuleiman spent at least 8000 Euros, including the proceeds from a crusade. He gave the money from the crusade to prove his love for her.
  3. He took her to New York and they saw a lot in Nigeria:In Nigeria, they stayed at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, and other places.
  4. Kimora says Apostle Suleiman gave her a substance that aborted their baby and almost killed her:

“He gave me substance to drink after I got pregnant. He gave me substance to drink and I started bleeding, stooling blood. for over one year. It almost cost me my life.

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“I was bleeding for so long, I was so scared and I lost the baby. So that was an abortion from a pastor, an Apostle,” she said.

  1. Otobo says the Man of God told her that his wife no longer sleeps with her.
  2. She says they had a lot of sex: She said: “Most of the time we spend together, we have sex.”
  3. He asked for a threesome but she refused because she does not like women touching her:She said: “He told me he did  it with his ex-girlfriends, that I was the only one, that it is very rude that I can’t do that with him.”
  4. Stephanie says Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, is the cleric’s ex-girlfriend: “He told me his ex-girlfriend is some actress girl,” she said.
  5. She says he is good in bed: In her words,“He’s very good (in bed), he likes to end it off on the back, on your back all the time, I don’t know why.

“And also, even while sleeping, he doesn’t wanna stop, he’s dozing off he goes ‘continue,’ I go ‘Daddy, you’re sleeping.’ He doesn’t wanna stop, he wants to keep going while sleeping.”

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Apostle Suleman had initially denied this affair.



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