9 Habits To Cultivate Before Hitting Your Early 40s

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Nobody likes to grow old especially when they finally hit their 20s and start experiencing life in its fullness.

Some people say life begins at 40 but don’t be deceived, the habits you cultivate today will ensure a happy healthy life when you hit your 40s.

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Well, before you hit your 40s here are a few things you should do to avoid being “late” in life and not feeling accomplished.

  1. Work as hard as you can: While in your 20 or 30s, you have all the strength and energy to work hard. This is the time to do all kinds of jobs as long as it’s legal and doesn’t put anyone in harm’s way. Don’t limit your potential.
  1. Become financially independent: By working hard in your 20s & 30s, you are a step closer to having a good life when you reach your 40s. Save as much as you can. Stop depending on a man for basic things like food, clothes etc as a lady. Be self-sufficient so that others can also depend on you too. As a man STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON BETTING PLATFORMS. It’s very addictive and the earlier you control it, the better for you. Some boys go as far as using their school fees stake bet. BE WISE!
  2. Read around Alot: I know this is hard but try and buy as many self inspiring books as you can. Buy self-help books that will help you improve yourself mentally, physically, financially and psychologically. Open your reading scope and learn new things. Don’t spend your time on your phone all day, it’s not healthy!!
  1. Surround yourself with leaders: Make sure your circle of friends is not just your age mates. Have some grown-ups who have gone through life to share their experiences with you. Humble yourself and allow them to lead & teach you and give you some tips on how to improve your life. Ask them questions so that you don’t repeat their avoidable mistakes.
  1. Be Different: You don’t have to fit in for anyone when you can stand out. Don’t follow the crowd. Be spontaneous.
  2. Develop multiple streams of income: We are in a world where job security is not assured. Don’t rely on just one source of income. Try and do a side business to help you have something to fall back on when your job fails. The way things are costly, one source of income can never sustain you no matter how careful you are.

  1. Start eating healthy: Eating all those pizzas and fried chicken can seem like fun until your kidneys start to fail you. A lot of young people are dying and sometimes our lifestyle contributes to it. Go to the gym when you have the time, drink more smoothies instead of alcohol, eat more vegetables instead of fried foods. Your 20s & 30s is a perfect time to shed off that extra weight than wait till you get to your 40s when your system is already tired from all your unhealthy choices.

  1. Become more observant of your surroundings: don’t just walk around without taking notice of things around you or your environment. Learn new things each day.
  2. Develop and improve your communication skills: This is the time to make sure you know now how to talk to people and pass across your information without sounding rude or thoughtless.
  3. This is the most important part. Before you hit your 40s, make sure you STOP SLEEPING around else your body count will be more than 500. Try and keep one partner. It saves time and money and your life from deadly STI’s.
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