9 Reasons That Could Explain Why Shatta’s Michy Breast Has ‘Fallen’ & How To Prevent It

So Social media has been inundated with pictures of Michy, wife of Shatta Wale at the Golden Movie Awards 2016 held inside the Kempinski Hotel last Saturday.  Lots of people have trolled the wife of the dancehall king and teased her over her “fallen” breasts just because people are surprised why a woman under 25 has sagged brea*ts.

I must mention that, her jumpsuit  looks beautiful and her make-up was on point.  Ghbase.com was part of the media partners for the Golden Movie Awards so I was virtually everywhere at the award ceremony and was very close to Michy. Honestly, I didn’t notice anything on the night until I saw the pictures the next day all over social media. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t add the pictures circulating)

It appears lots of people were making fun of her and in a way I felt sad for her because she’s one person I adore although I don’t know her. I can understand some of the arguments people raised judging from the fact that she’s a married woman, so people didn’t expect her to flaunt her b00bs especially when they had “fallen”. 

Maybe perhaps she did so innocently and it didn’t just end well!

So, I did a little research on why the b00bs sag and interesting, I discovered something interesting and decided to share with you, so you can understand why. One thing I observed on Social Media too about the comments people passed was, that most people compared hers to that of Nadia Buari who recently also gave birth. Well, let’s look at this.

Having a baby, breastfeeding, and racking up more birthdays all contribute to a loss of elasticity of collagen, the connective tissue under the skin—leaving your set more deflated than firm. Sag can also be a matter of genetics. If your mother had a droopy pair, you might be predisposed to one, too (thanks, Mom!)Women Health Mag

So we all know Michy has a baby and perhaps that explains why, but interestingly there are more reasons that could account for the sagging of the breast. 

Redbookmag  has outlined 9 things women do everyday that can make their boobs sag. Now look at the list below and tell me what you think. I believe our fellow women could also learn from this so they can still maintain their firm breasts till old age, when you can’t control it anymore.

1.When You Don’t Drink Enough Orange Juice

It’s not just good for getting rid of that nasty winter cold, says Grotting. In fact, your breast tissue desperately needs vitamin C and B to build supportive elastic tissues and collagen so that they can maintain their shape. So, you might want to consider drinking a small glass of OJ in the A.M. in addition to your skim latte from now on.

2.You Eat Chips, Candy & Donut

Obviously, junk food can wreak all sorts of havoc on our butt and bellies, but, surprisingly, your breasts can suffer from that bag of chips or morning scone, too. As we get into our 30s and 40s, Grotting says our breasts slowly become more fat-based. To put it another way, when you eat that donut, it’s not going to go straight to your waistline.

3. You Are Hitting Your Weight Loss Goals

There’s always a reason to celebrate when you lose those extra ten pounds after working your butt off, but Grotting says shedding a bunch of weight in a short amount of time might cause your breasts to droop. Of course, if you want to get to a healthier weight, you shouldn’t stop your plan altogether just because of your boobs. Instead, Grotting says wearing a fitted bra every day should do the trick.

4. You Smoke A Lot

In case you need yet another reason to ditch the awful habit, here’s number 1293752: Smoking can ruin the skin around your breasts, causing it to become damaged and appear stretched and saggy. In short, it’s just not worth it.

5. You Don’t Rub Down The Twins

It may seem a bit weird to massage your ladies with moisturizer before turning in. Still, Grotting insists that the payoff is well worth the lotion marks you might get on your pajamas. More so than anything else, keeping your breast skin hydrated with a shea butteror a good moisturizing lotion is super important if you want to slow down the sag. Plus, we’re sure your hubby will have no problem lending a helping hand with this one…

6. You Go For Long Runs Everyday

Marathoners aren’t going to like this news. Grotting says the bouncing momentum from running can actually bog your breasts down and lead to excessive sagging. But no need to worry, though—a well-fitted sports bra will definitely help counteract the problem. Also, Grotting recommends trying to switch off between running and/or swimming and using the elliptical during the week, so that you can give your boobs a bit of rest.

7. You Only Wear A Tee To Bed

We know it sounds annoying, yes, but if you tend to be full-chested, you might want to consider wearing a comfortable t-shirt bra as you catch some zzz’s to maintain your desired boob shape, says Grotting. Just make sure the bra you choose is comfortable (and breathable).

8. You Don’t Protect Them From The Sun

Sunblock is always important when spending a good amount of time outdoors, so the same definitely goes for your breasts. Lathering the boobs up with sunscreen can prevent your breast skin from becoming dehydrated, damaged and, eventually, saggy, says Grotting.

9. You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra

We’ve said it before, and now we’re saying it again: never underestimate the power of a good bra. Grotting believes most of our boob problems can be fixed by simply wearing the right size bra that works for you.

So there you have it. Share your sentiments with me, Chris Handler in the comment box below. Follow me on Social Media @chrishandlergh for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.


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