“90% Of Nigerian Girls In Serious Relationships Will Still Have Sekz With Other Guys For N500K”-Nigerian Businessman

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A Nigerian Businessman known only as Wisebaba has triggered the wrath of Nigerian ladies with an audacious claim that would probably have them come at him.

A lady claiming to be in a serious relationship means that she will have no room whatsoever to flirt around with other guys.

Wisebaba believes that this is only just on paper as a chunk of girls claiming to be in serious relationships will still open their legs for other guys for money.

For him, about ninety per cent of Nigerian girls who claim they are in serious relationships will still have sex with other guys for N500k.

Money is a very central issue in relationships these days and not having money means that your serious girlfriend could still go out there behind you just to get some money into their pocket, and for some of them, it is not because they don’t love you or are just interested in hurting you but they just have to go out there and get the money in.

“90% of Nigerian girls in a serious relationship will have sex with another guy for N500k,” Wisebaba claimed in his tweet.

As the debate heated up on the social messaging app about the man’s post, one user spiced the conversation up by saying that 99% of guys also have sex with other girls for free despite having their girlfriends that they take very seriously.

“That’s true. But also know that 99% of Nigerian guys in a serious relationship will have sex with another girl for absolutely nothing. In fact, unlike the girls that will at least make N500k, the guys are the ones that will spend their own money. Who is actually the worst of it?” He ended with the question.

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